What if we could help solve one of the greatest food and health issues in the developed world?

Obesity is an international health challenge that is now an epidemic in many countries.

Refined sugar has been widely criticised as being the primary driver of obesity and the rise in diabetes.

Biomass Technologies has developed a technology that contributes to solving the problem.

The company has pioneered a sugar cane processing technology and developed a range of natural cane products that will revolutionise the food industry as we know it.

This is one of the most important breakthroughs in food science in the last 30 years.

Working with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) at its Werribee Food Science facility, Biomass Technologies has developed the Sunshine GoldTM range of products that are natural, low GI and high in polyphenols.

Our technology produces a number of new and innovative products from sugar cane

What was once a mono crop now has vast potential to be a multi-product crop, significantly increasing its value.

Through utilising this new process, Biomass Technologies is able to process sugar cane in a way that:

  • Retains flavour, minerals, and polyphenols that act as antioxidants and lower GI
  • Has no chemical additives.
  • Ensures the products are still natural.

Sunshine GoldTM Powder

This is a game changer. Sunshine Gold PowderTM is produced from Sunshine Gold SyrupTM and Sunshine Gold Cane JuiceTM which is certified low GI. The powder is produced without a carrying agent and with complete cold water solubility.

The powder retains all the naturally present minerals and polyphenols and most importantly is produced without chemical additives. It can be legally labelled as a natural product and enables various products to be co-dried with it. This is a major breakthrough in the lowering of processing costs.

Sunshine GoldTM Syrup

Sunshine Gold SyrupTM is produced from Sunshine Gold Cane JuiceTM. It is a natural cane syrup and can be concentrated to 70 brix. The syrup retains the naturally present flavours, minerals and polyphenols and most importantly is produced without chemical additives. It can be legally labelled as a natural product. Low GI and good ORAC value (i.e. high in polyphenols) means that the product is good news for diabetics concerned about sweeteners in food and beverage products.

Other Sunshine GoldTM Products

Cane Juice

Pure Cane Juice can be produced anywhere from 8 brix to 25 brix depending on the local market and seasonality of the crop. As well as being an excellent beverage in its own right our Pure Cane Juice is the foundation for our syrup and powder products.

Cane Fibre

For inclusion in pet food, building materials, paper packaging, etc.

Cane Water

A drinkable beverage that we believe is superior to Coconut Water.

What makes us unique

Sunshine GoldTM overcomes the two main negatives in the marketplace:

  • Refined sugar is seen as harmful
  • Chemical sweeteners are treated by the public with suspicion.

The technology is fundamentally different from traditional milling. It allows the cane juice to retain the naturally occurring nutrients and separates the cane fibre so that cane fibre uses can at last be properly realised.

The process uses green, unburnt cane. This eliminates the traditional industry practices of cane burning in the field and bagasse burning in the mill. The environmental advantages are significant.

The technology eliminates the aggressive chemicals used in refined sugar and preserves the natural quality of the product and the naturally occurring nutrients including the minerals and polyphenols.

We have engaged world-leading drying technology to achieve the Sunshine GoldTM powdered product. It’s low GI, cold water solubility and co-dry qualities make it unique and a genuine world first.

Our Team

Managing Director
Mark Diamond has been with Biomass since its inception. He is the architect of the Biomass business vision and has driven its execution. A lawyer by profession, he has three decades of business experience in various Australian industries.

Peter Miller is a senior Australian board director with extensive experience in driving outcomes. A chartered accountant by profession, Peter has been associated with Biomass since the beginning.

Trevor Cullinger is the original inventor of the Biomass processing technology.

Jennifer Hershon, representing the Hershon Group of companies which is a significant investor.

Operations Manager
Rod Brown has been involved in managing operations in concrete, quarries, transport and manufacturing for his entire career. Rod has been with Biomass since 2010 and has been intimately involved in developing the company’s production processes and product lines.

Food Scientist
Dr. Stephen Gulliford through his business, Smart Foods Consulting, brings to Biomass decades of experience in food processing. He is recognised as one of Australia’s leading food scientists and has been a vital contributor to the company’s product lines.

Industry Advisor
Peter Kelly was a senior executive with Nestle for many years and is now Chairman of Food Bank. He been a key food and beverage industry advisor to Biomass since 2013.

South East Asian Advisor
John Barrow worked in food and beverage processing and marketing in SE Asia for almost forty years. His extensive connections throughout the region are exceptionally valuable to Biomass, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

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